8 Steps Employers Can Take to Address Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

The legal landscape of marijuana usage is constantly changing, making it hard for employers to manage employee safety and workers compensation claims. Although more than two dozen states are enacting medical marijuana laws—and even recreational use in some states—it’s important to remember that marijuana remains a controlled substance in the eyes of the federal government. Employers are responsible for creating safe working environments, which may include a drug-free workplace.

Here are eight steps employers can do to address medical marijuana in their own workplace:

  1. Work with an insurance carrier.
    They can help you navigate complex medical marijuana laws, guidelines, and recommendations.
  2. Work with legal counsel.
    This will ensure you’ve taken the proper measures to establish a drug-free workplace.
  3. Write it down.
    Create a written drug-free workplace policy.
  4. Communicate
    All employees need to clearly understand the expectations and company rules.
  5. Hold trainings.
    That way, employees will have a chance to acquaint themselves and understand the policies.
  6. Train supervisors.
    They need to know how to recognize signs of usage and be prepared to take proper action.
  7. Establish a drug testing policy.
    Just make sure your policy complies with state and federal regulations.
  8. Prioritize safety.
    For all workplace activities, safety should be the ultimate goal—and establishing a drug-free workforce is part of achieving that goal.

With a sea of new state regulations, navigating the legal landscape of medical marijuana can feel overwhelming for small business owners. Contact your independent insurance agent today to get more guidance.

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