5 Steps to Help Protect Your Small Business From a Cyber Attack

While having cyber insurance coverage is a good defensive move to help protect your small business against cyber attacks, it usually isn’t enough. You need to also be vigilant and take proactive steps to help protect your company’s data. Here’s how:

  1. Invest. 
    Purchase anti-virus and anti-phishing email software, data encryption, and off-site backups for your data and website.
  2. Create a response plan. 
    Be ready in case the worst happens. Make sure you add concrete steps about what to do in the event of a cyber attack to your business continuity plan—and make sure that each employee understands their role.
  3. Develop procedures.
    Create secure, concrete procedures for disposing of paper records, computers, and other storage devices. Keep records no longer than absolutely needed.
  4. Control access.
    Limit access to sensitive information and provide authorized users with individual passwords. Make sure employees know not to share passwords or use their personal email for sensitive information. When employees leave your company, immediately terminate their access.
  5. Train employees.
    All of your employees should know how to spot suspicious activity, both online and otherwise. This will help potential security breaches get reported sooner.

Today, insuring your company against physical damage is not enough to protect your business—and many business insurance policies do not cover cyber attacks. To learn more about cyber insurance, read our article, Small Business Insurance and Cyber Attacks: Are You Covered? 

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